The Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation

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NOTE: The vowel sounds in Spanish only have one single pronunciation. They are not like the vowels in English that are associated with several different sounds depending on the word.

LetterAs Spoken in SpanishPronunciation Rules (with examples)Transcription
a a As in lawn. ah
b be (be de bote, be de Barcelona, be grande, be de burro) Pronounced like the English B, except when it comes between vowels (or vowel sounds); in which case you must allow air to escape between your lips while saying it. It is exactly like the English V except instead of putting your upper teeth next to your lower lip, you put your upper lip next to your lower lip, while letting air escape. bay
c ce As in car except when it comes before the vowels I or E it is pronounced like C as in "incite". In Iberian Spanish (in Spain) when the C comes before I or E it is pronounced like the TH in Thought. say
ch che As in child. chay
d de Pronounced like the D in dugout except your tounge needs to go between or right behind your teeth instead of above your upper teeth as in English. When the D comes between two vowel sounds, it is asperated, meaning instead of your tounge actually touching your teeth, it just comes close, giving a softer sound. day
e e Like the A in aim. eh
f efe As in forest eh-fay
g ge When the G comes before an I or an E it is pronounced like the English H as in hay. Otherwise it is a strong G pronounced as in Gun. NOTE: Gu followed by a vowel is also a hard G sound. Examples: Guillermo, Guevara. hay
h hache The H is never pronounced in Spanish. ah-chay
i i latina Like the EE in leek. e latina
j jota Like the English H as in home. It is sometimes slightly more gutteral. hoe-tah
k ka As in Kilometer. K is only found in a few foreign words. kah
l ele As in lower. eh-lay
ll elle Like the Y in yell. It can also be sonorant as the J in rejuvinate. eh-jay
m eme As in might. eh-may
n ene As in never. eh-nay
ñ eñe Like the NY in Kenya. eh-nyay
o o As in oh or go. oh
p pe As in pay. pay
q cu Q is always followed by a U and pronounced like the K in kay. For example the word "Que" is pronounced "Kay" not "Kway" coo
r ere Like the TT in letter (in American English). It is tapped on the roof of your mouth like an English D. When an R comes at the beginning of a word, it is "rolled" or "trilled" (Make the sound of a car pulling away using a D sound). eh-day
rr erre Trilled or rolled. (See R above). eh-drray
s ese As in sign. Never like the Z in buzz. (Touch your throat, it should not vibrate). eh-say
t te As in tea. teh
u u As in boat. oooh
v ve (uve, ve de vaca, ve de Valencia, ve chica) See the description for the letter B, it is exactly the same. bay
w doble ve (doble u) This letter is found only in foreign words and is usually pronounced like the GUA in Guam. dough-blay-bay
x equis Like the KS in tricks. In some words (such as México) it is pronounced like an H. eh-kees
y i griega (ye) Pronounced like the LL (See above). Also pronounced like the EE in keen, especially at the end of words. ee-gdee-ay-gah
z zeta Pronounced exactly like an S (See above) and never like the Z in buzz. In Iberian Spanish (Spain) it is pronounced like the TH in through. say-tah