Gender Ambiguities

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Problems with the Gender of Spanish Nouns

What is Gender anyways? It's a grammatical term used when a language groups nouns and adjectives into different classes, ie masculine and feminine. In Spanish we run into a minor problem with this grouping of nouns and adjectives. Sometimes there is not a general consensus as to the gender of certain words! First let's look at many common words. We already know that almost always a masculine word ends in o or e and a feminine word ends in a. For example In some cases there are totally different words that are used to designate masculine or feminine, such as: Now we come to a group or class of words that are interchangeable regardless of sex. These words don't change, whether or not they are referring to a man or a woman And finally we come to a group of words that I mentioned in the opening paragraph. These words can't decide if they want to be masculine or feminine. Or the speakers of Spanish can't decide. And there are a few others that change their meaning based on if they are masculine or feminine.