Gender and Number Agreement (Nouns and Adjectives)

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The Gender of Spanish Nouns

Spanish nouns come in two genders, masculine and feminine. The basic rule you can learn is that masculine nouns end in o and feminine nouns end in a, although there are many exceptions to this rule. Here are some more common endings that can help you distinguish between masculine and feminine nouns.

Some Masculine word endings

Some Feminine word endings

Some common exceptions


There should be agreement as far as gender and number when you put nouns and adjectives together. If I want to say the red house I need to say La casa roja. Now if I want to talk about more than one house, I say Las casas rojas. The article "La" changed to "Las" to agree in number with the noun, and the adjective "rojo" did as well. If I want to talk about a red car, the adjective again must change to agree in both gender and number un carro rojo